Ben Lockwood


Ben has been involved in nearly every aspect of the Klairmont Kollection and Imperial Auto Sales since its inception in 2010; beginning with the renovation of an industrial building to house an initial 40 automobiles up to the approximately 80,000 sf and 300 vehicles now on display. Primary responsibilities include vehicle layout, design, collection care, acquisitions, building maintenance, construction, operations and involvement with marketing as well as vehicle sales. Ben oversees a team responsible for vehicle maintenance, detailing, facility maintenance and construction.

Ben’s association with Larry Klairmont dates back to 1998 when he joined Larry’s real estate company and currently manages many of their real estate interests as Vice President and Director of Property Management for Imperial Realty Company. Ben has had a passion for automobiles since his earliest days and enjoys attending/participating in car shows and automobile auctions throughout the year as well as worked on numerous collectible automobiles owned during his lifetime.