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The Larry Klairmont Collection– Chicago, Illinois Date: 10/3/2011

Larry Klairmont seems like the kind of dude we want to have a beer with. At 85-years old, the highly successful real estate developer has amassed a collection of more the 300 cars. He keeps it open to the public and has all the cars stored in a bitchin’ building he had spruced up and decorated in all kinds of period Americana. Klairmont’s tastes seem to run like ours. If it makes noise and is cool, he’s into it. You’ll see all kinds of stuff from airplanes to kustoms in this gallery. Here’s the straight scoop from photographer Bob Chiluk who shot these photos

Larry Klairmont is an 85 year old Chicago real estate investor, former marine and now car cllector. Starting later in life collecting cars (ten years ago!), Larry has kicked it into high gear by accumulating approxamatly 350 cars into his collection. He recently bought 32 more at the Auburn action alone.. Being a real estate investor and developer, housing theses cars was no big deal. He just converted one of his block long 150,000 square foot buildings that he owns into his personal toy box!. Larry recently renovated the place to be his dislplay case to house his cars,motorcycles, bicycles, memorabilia and even planes hanging from the ceiling! Since this is his hobby, he opens up the collection free of charge to any and all that are interested. I took a Sunday drive down to Chicago’s northwest side to see what its all about. Free coffee and donuts, free admission and free range browsing of the two floors of Larry’s diverse collection. Packards, Caddys, race cars, exotics, classics, and even a 1960 Gogomoble with 48 original miles! The place was crowded today with many visitors driving their classics on an bright warm Sunday morning. Larry is thrilled he can give back to the city that has provided the means to aquire such a collection. He greats all the guests with a firm handshake and and could go one for hours telling stories behind the cars.