350-vehicle classic auto museum rolls into town

By David Roeder Business Reporter  – droeder@suntimes.com
Press Release Date: 9/7/2011

It’s not every day that Chicago gets a new museum, but one is on the way, polished and ready for its close-up with the city’s car-ogling public.

It’s a museum for classic autos and the person driving it is Larry Klairmont, an 84-year-old real estate investor and former Marine.

Klairmont, chief executive of Imperial Realty Co., plans to open the museum Sept. 2..


Cool Collection Gallery

The Larry Klairmont Collection– Chicago, Illinois Date: 10/3/2011

Larry Klairmont seems like the kind of dude we want to have a beer with. At 85-years old, the highly successful real estate developer has amassed a collection of more the 300 cars. He keeps it open to the public and has all the cars stored in a bitchin’ building he had spruced up and decorated in all kinds of period Americana. Klairmont’s tastes seem to run like ours. If it makes noise a..


Chicago to get new auto museum

By Joe Bortz  8/5/2011

When I was 15 years old I was very proud of the fact that people took me for 18, I felt that it had its advantages and allowed me to do things that required you to be 18 years old — like impressing the girls with my maturity. When you are younger you want to be older and of course when the years are creeping up you want to be younger.Larry Klairmont is 84 now. He’s a legend in Chicago real estate, a former marine and now one of Chicago’s biggest car colle..


1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

This extraordinary, outrageous, 50’s styling of the Cadillac sweeping fins couldn’t be out done by Chrysler! The convertibles were the best and a record 11,130 series 62 were sold. As with any extreme design, people either loved or hated them, and the survival rate was low until they became icons of the past. Today, they are rare in the market and highly sought after. The 59 Cadillac is the epitome of radical styling. This car has been expertly restored with all new white leather seats, red ..


1926 Rickenbacker Eight Super Sport

A car worthy of its name, This only survivor of the make has a history that mazes all! Edward V. Rickenbaker drove early Dusenberg race cars, was a teammate of the great Barney Oldfield, entered WWI and proceeded to become the top flying ace with 26 confirmed kills. He returned home as a celebrity, wrote a book, appeared in the society pages, and decided why not build a car? In business with a group of Detroit car veterans, Rickenbaker became the sales promoter but saw to it that the car had ..