A car worthy of its name, This only survivor of the make has a history that mazes all! Edward V. Rickenbaker drove early Dusenberg race cars, was a teammate of the great Barney Oldfield, entered WWI and proceeded to become the top flying ace with 26 confirmed kills. He returned home as a celebrity, wrote a book, appeared in the society pages, and decided why not build a car? In business with a group of Detroit car veterans, Rickenbaker became the sales promoter but saw to it that the car had four wheeled brakes, an american first. He insisted that this model be nickel-plated for the 1926 New York Auto Show.

It was a hit and has been ever since. Richard Mellin owned the car and left it to the legendary William Harrah, who owned it until 83. A close friend, Thomas Lester of tire fame purchased it in 83. In 85, the car was completely restored by Eric and Vivian Lavine. The original Teak and Copper were brought back to the original status. Now the only complete survivor in the world!