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The Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum is an educational hub that has 100,000 square feet of exhibit space, displaying 300+ automobiles and automotive memorabilia. The vehicles and period correct displays represent science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics demonstrating the significant role that these vehicles and their creators have played in mankind’s journey throughout modern history. The vehicles literally and figuratively have driven mankind and his innovative spirit fast forward into the future.

Cars connect us all and are themselves conversation pieces for the masses. The Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum intersects that educational component with entertainment.

Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum is a 501 c3 that is formally converting to a public charity model so that it can engage a wider net of support and secure its place as an educational hub for generations to come. See our Mission Statement

If you are interested in arranging a student field trip to the museum you can contact us at

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K-1 Racing

Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum is excited to share that its K-1 Race Program Initiative has started, and the participants were excited and enthused to take their seat behind the wheel of an electrically powered race cart. There are many variations of K-1 for participation. The benefits of K-1 racing including team building, setting, and achieving personal goals, and a generalized introduction to automotive sports with a hands-on approach. Aside from all that, there simply is a cool factor!

Mecum Auctions is the driving force in this initiative and has partnered up with KKAM to take this small step and crack the door open to many more educationally based activities.

K1 Racing - Klairmont Kollections

Depaul University Set Design

We are happy to share that DePaul University and Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum collaborated on a really neat program that challenged the students to create 2 and 3 dimensional facades that compliment and add character to Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum. Yes, we know KKAM is bursting with character, but we always strive to improve our guest’s experience.

The students were given ideas and topics to incorporate into their facade design including a photo of Mr. Larry Klairmont’s first business, Imperial Cleaners. Well, the results are in and what fabulous designs these bright college kids proposed. The group of students worked together creating a diorama that included a vintage elevated CTA Platform, A Drug Store, Hotel, Larry’s Dry Cleaners, and they even converted our industrial HVAC unit into a train. Hats off to DePaul University and their creative minds! A Special thanks to Professor Lawrence Kim. Click the link to view the DePaul Set Design Pics

DePaul - Klairmont Kollections

Field Trips to Klairmont Kollections

Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum and Mecum Auctions are partnering up to share all that the museum has to offer to students in the form of an educational field trip. If you are interested in getting your child’s class an entertaining and educational field trip sponsored by Klairmont and Mecum, please email us at

for more information. The innovation of automobiles throughout modern history incorporated and was affected by advances in art, engineering, math, chemistry, design, and global economics. Figuratively and literally, automobiles have a driven innovation. We can tailor a field trip for students from 4th grade through collegiate levels. Recently we added a display titled Made in Chicago Room that celebrates by displaying 400 items made in Chicago prior to 1970.

This is just the beginning. It is our goal to utilize the museum as a hub for education, preservation, and automotive heritage.

Here is a cool vignette of a KKAM commercial. Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum Commercial

MAde In Chicago exhibit - Klairmont Kollections